Artists from this world are invited to submit a ORIGINAL work, subject to the following idea:


 " The purpose of this theme, based on the idea that the planet is a living organism where globalization brings everything and everyone together, and that technology, regardless of its effect, shortens time and space, making communication between peoples, races, cultures and religions easier.
Looking at the map of the world, it is easy to see that all five continents fit almost perfectly, forming one, in fact, in the early days, America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania were a huge land mass (Pangea) and have been, over millions of years, drifting closer together.
Like the "Jangada de Pedra" by Portuguese writer Jose Saramago, which proposed the relocation of Portugal and Spain on the European continent, forming a new Iberian continent, this challenge calls us to the idea of concentrating the 5 continents in one, with one ocean, making us even closer together and consciously reconnecting us with the planet, leaving us to the Gaia Hypothesis, proposed by James Lovelock in the 60's, arguing that the planet is a superorganism, a similar idea already shared by ancient civilizations

PARTICIPATION: open to all Planet Earth creators

TECHNIQUE: all techniques are allowed, provided that the holders are able to be mailed

FORMAT: max size 15x21cm (5.91x8.27in)

. No jury, no selection, no prizes, no returns. All works will be exhibited, excluding racist, xenophobic and religion discriminate works.
. All participants must agree to the reproduction of his work in brochures or other educational material, such as public exposure of the same by the event organizers
. Each artist can only participate with a one work
. Participant should provide, full name, address, nationality, email and web site if available
. To facilitate the publication of the received works on the blog, please sent by e-mail a picture of it, including the envelope or shipping package if it has any artistic intervention, to:

EXHIBITION: the works will be exhibited in the space of "Cabana dos Parodiantes" Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal, starting in October 2011, and will be there one month. It is likely that exhibition will be extended to other public and private places in Portugal.
The organization has the idea to produce a book with all mail art received, but this isn't yet confirmed.

DOCUMENTATION: to all participants. All works will be published in the following locations:

DEADLINE: September 21, 2011

All works must be sent by normal post (snail mail) with postage stamps to:

" Mail Art Call 1 "
Av. Dr. Roberto Ferreira da Fonseca, nº 40
2120-111 Salvaterra de Magos